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The Rusconi Approach

We remain in close contact with you at every step, keeping you informed of our progress.


Our approach begins with the development of an action plan, based on a comprehensive analysis of your ultimate objectives and the scope of the project. We then prepare an agreement which outlines responsibilities and compensation.

Upon approval, we implement the action plan with the sensitivity, knowledge and skills essential for a positive and rewarding outcome. We remain in close contact with you at every step, keeping you fully informed of our progress.

A small, highly professional staff assures close attention by one or more of The Rusconi Company principals. The successful completion of your project is always our primary concern.

We Make It Happen For You
Our unique development process will provide assistance for those organizations considering purchasing, selling, or refinancing a 2-50 million dollar company.

We can provide an objective analysis of the situation that will help you make the best decision about your company's future. We show companies how to address such issues as:

  • Choosing the right time to buy or sell
  • The most advantageous deal structure
  • Innovative financing alternatives
  • Apportioning family assets in a closely-held business
  • Strategic planning for long term success
Our success is based on a thorough understanding of the closely-held business, and an innovative approach to corporate finance that achieves results.

Commitment to Excellence
Experience, Professionalism, Dedication means the highest quality investment banking services available to the middle market company.

To find out more about The Rusconi Company and how we can contribute to your success, click here. All inquiries held in the strictest confidence.

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